More Riot News: A Big Awesome Art Contest with Polycount

Contest description, rules and prizes on Polycount (and really, really detailed rules) Polycount Entry Threads Polycount has teamed up with Riot for another of their Giant Awesome Contests(tm), running from now until December 19th.… Continue reading

2015 Riot Internships, GDC Volunteers and GDC Scholars are all accepting applications!

Riot Internship Listings (due either October 15th or November 14th 2014, depending on the position) and Riot’s general internship info/FAQs GDC CA Volunteer Application (due January 1st 2015) GDC Scholarship Application (due December 2nd,… Continue reading

The 2014 Game Career Guide is out!

View or download the new Game Career Guide The annual Game Career Guide, by Gamasutra’s sister site of the same name, is a great magazine-style PDF.  The 2014 edition is very indie-focused, with articles… Continue reading

Play Dot Sound is a promising-looking new website on breaking into game audio

Play Dot Sound homepage “How to break into the professional audio industry” by one of the writers, Aaron Brown (this is really in-depth and specific to audio, which is great) The still-young Play… Continue reading is now free homepage tutorials list  GameTutorials Youtube channel recently got a major redesign, and with it, relaunched as a free service rather than a $75 one.  You’ll have to create an… Continue reading

BlizzardFest Challenge, hosted by GameArtisans – great chance for character and concept artists and animators to throw down

Blizzardfest Homepage Entry Guidelines GameArtisans is hosting a new challenge, Blizzardfest – which is basically exactly what it sounds like.  For character and concept artists, pick a non-unique NPC from one of the… Continue reading

Notes from the Art Leadership Roundtable at GDC, with a section for entry-level job-seekers and lots of other reading

Of all the topics to not have an image for…. Day 3: Artists (discussion of landing your first job starts halfway down the page – you can also Ctrl+F “entry-level” to jump to… Continue reading

The 2014 Game Developer Salary Survey is up!

  2014 Game Developer Salary Survey Results PDF 2013, 2012, and 2011, for the curious  The new Game Developer Salary Survey has been published, with the usual glorious numbers of charts and plenty of… Continue reading

Extra Credits’ “Design Club”

Playlist of all Design Club episodes Design Club Livestream on Twitch Extra Credits-suggested interview with Miyamoto on Mario Official Forums Extra Credits does a lot of great work, hence having shown up on here… Continue reading

You should read the excellent PSG Art Tutorial

PSG Art Tutorial Arne Niklas Jansson’s mini art bible has been around since 2005 and still hasn’t gotten old, simply because it’s a fantastic high-level overview of materials, color, lighting, and all other sorts… Continue reading