Notes from the Art Leadership Roundtable at GDC, with a section for entry-level job-seekers and lots of other reading

Of all the topics to not have an image for….

  • Day 3: Artists (discussion of landing your first job starts halfway down the page – you can also Ctrl+F “entry-level” to jump to it)
  • Day 2: Art Leads
  • Day 1:  Art Directions
  • 2013:  Day 1 (leadership traits), Day 2 (general discussion of leadership), Day 3 (developing, communicating, and enforcing art style; mentoring junior artists; effective critique)
  • 2012:  Day 1 (scope creep in action), Day 2 (managing scope creep; effective feedback culture), Day 3 (leadership vs. delegation; quality leadership; career progression), Summary
  • PAX 2013:  Day 1 (time management; inspiring the team), Day 2 (micromanagement and constructive critique)

GDC’s Art Leadership Roundtables are always a really interesting and useful look into the world of managing artist, developing a style, and general leadership, and Keith Self-Ballard, who moderates them, always takes fantastic notes.  This year, however, part of the last day was spent addressing the questions of the students and aspiring artists in the room – how to break in, mentorship, etc.  There’s also some brief discussion of managing a student project in Day 2, something that sometimes gets neglected even in project-based classes, and mentoring has been touched on several times before.

Keith’s entire blog is focused on improving your art and art leadership skills, so there’s a lot of good reading to be had in general as well including a great generalized overview of what not to do in your portfolio (regardless of focus)phone interview tips, and tips for accepting feedback.