2015 Riot Internships, GDC Volunteers and GDC Scholars are all accepting applications!

Riot Internship Listings (due either October 15th or November 14th 2014, depending on the position) and Riot’s general internship info/FAQs

GDC CA Volunteer Application (due January 1st 2015)

GDC Scholarship Application (due December 2nd, 2014) and information

Riot currently has about 30 internships open in two different countries.  You must be a full-time student before and after the internship, and able to legally work in the country of the internship you’re applying for (the USA for the majority of them, Eu for the Dublin-based ones).

GDC’s Conference Associate volunteer program is one that I really love, and provides volunteers with a complimentary all-access pass to GDC2015 that they can use whenever not on-duty.  Volunteers work approximately 25 hours over the course of the GDC week and prep, from Sunday March 1st to Friday March 6th.  You must be able to legally work in the US are eligible and pay for your own travel and board.

The GDC Scholarship program is available to students and recent graduates of game-related studies who are IGDA members.  You must also be 18 as of March 2nd, 2015, and able to pay for your travel and board to San Francisco, CA.

Good luck to everyone who applies!