Dear VFXmancers: I’ve been neglecting you and I’m sorry

One of Bill Kladis’s VFX tutorials GDC2014 VFX Roundtable notes by Drew Skillman (plus 2013 and 2012) Mr. Skillman’s resource list’o’links ImbueFX forum and tutorials ImbueFX’s Resources page forum Michael Gange’s website I… Continue reading

Great Collection of Mini-Interviews with Tech Artists and Programmers

Bill Crosbie’s interview with Bronwen Grimes of Valve Tech Artist and Programmer Interviews on OPCode6 Bill Crosbie has been doing interviews with (mostly) tech artists every GDC for several years now, and they’re… Continue reading

GDC2014 Free Vault Content is Up!

All free GDC2014 content Narrative Legos The Art of Making Guacamelee! – From Folklore to Finish Ellie: Buddy AI in The Last of Us Antichamber: Three Years of Hardcore Iteration Enhancing Sportsmanship in… Continue reading

Claire Hummel’s fancy-pants HISTORICAL FASHION MASTER POST

This isn’t from the same post so dear god I hope this is historically accurate and she isn’t going to come after me “Claire’s fancy-pants HISTORICAL FASHION MASTER POST” (by Claire Hummel) I… Continue reading

“Let’s Get Real About Concept Art” by Anjin Anhut

Costume exploration for Jack from Mass Effect 2, by Matt Rhodes “Let’s Get Real About Concept Art” by Anjin Anhut Concept art is a glorified and coveted career path for many people, and… Continue reading

A dangerously benevolent Bradley Wascher is offering his 3D tutorials free the next two weeks

Wascher’s courses on Udemy Join the mailing list I didn’t know people give the internet presents for their birthday, but apparently Mr. Wascher does, so now I feel like a jerk.  He has… Continue reading

I’m the worst! The Comicon Challenge 2014 is open and you character artists should be excited.

Comicon Challenge website The Comicon Challenge 2014 is up and running for all your epic comic-inspired art hankerings.  Here are the themes for this year: “Re-create a known hero or villain in his… Continue reading

IGDA Conference Scholarships (and the E3 one is accepting applications)

IGDA Scholars homepage The IGDA offers a fair number of non-traditional “scholarships” to aspiring game developers and current college students to help them attend networking and industry events.  The primary purpose of the… Continue reading

Vertex Volume 2 is up: More free amazing game art tutorials

Art by Papercut homepage and Vertex PDF downloads Vertex is easily my favorite tutorial compilation floating around the internet. I’m biased though, because I’m a game artist, and because I’m a tech artist,… Continue reading

“Create Appealing Stylized Characters” (and about 45 other free Zbrush mini-lectures)

“Create Appealing Stylized Characters: Part 1” on ZBrush Workshops (Also parts 2, 3, 4 and 5) Free Zbrush Workshop sample lectures This great little batch of lectures goes over the process of designing… Continue reading