Pixel Prospector.com: The Indie Goldmine might very well not be overselling itself

Indie Resources on Pixel Prospector Pixel Prospector homepage Normally I don’t link to indie-specific stuff because there are already so many excellent indie sites out there, but I’d never heard of this one… Continue reading

GDC Next and App Developers’ Conference Free Content Live in GDCVault

GDCNext 2013 Free Content ADC 2013 Free Content GDCNext is the online- and browser-focused event of the GDC family, with ADC happening alongside it for all the app developers working in a similarly… Continue reading

Game Dev Movement Cheatsheet with Examples, by Jason Brown

Game Dev Movement Cheatsheet Somethinghitme blog This is a pretty great little article of tricks to get fluid movement in your games. Jason Brown works primarily in Javascript, but his examples are well-explained… Continue reading

Facial Modeling Timelapse videos by Sergi Caballer

Sergi Caballer – Facial Modeling Timelapse 1/3 – BLOCKING TOPOLOGY from Sergi Caballer on Vimeo. Facial Modeling Timelapse with notes Sergi Caballer has put together a pretty gorgeous three-part series of speed modeling… Continue reading

“Using Game Job Boards the Right Way” by Brice Morrison

“Using Job Boards the Right Way” by Brice Morrison on GameCareerGuide This article offers some great advice on how to use job boards and descriptions not only to make sure you’re customizing your… Continue reading

Game Developer Magazine Digital Archive

Game Developer Magazine Digital Archive Game Developer Magazine, one of the industry’s go-to development magazines, ended for good a few months ago, but in what might be the greatest silver lining imaginable, they… Continue reading

Experience Plus – Articles and Interviews for Job Hunting, Applications, Interviews, Adnauseum

Experience Bonus Experience Bonus, run by Nic Colley, is an awesome resource for any game developer faced with the daunting task of trying to get people they want to be hired by to… Continue reading

Find a Local Chapter and Join the IGDA (International Game Developers Association)

IGDA website Chapter Locator “Breaking In” section with career paths and developer profiles Student and Academic Relations page The International Game Developers Association is one of the largest developer organizations in the world,… Continue reading

Box2D Physics Engine, and an Introductory Tutorial

Box2D homepage Box2D Forum and Manual “How to create 2D Physics Games with Box2D Library” by Juan Felipe Belon Perez Erin Catto established himself as a stone-cold boss a few years ago at… Continue reading

Valve launches Pipeline, a website to help young adults pursuing jobs in games

Pipeline homepage Valve announced Pipeline about a month ago, with the stated objective of “establish[ing] a connection to the world of teenagers that are asking many questions about getting into the gaming industry.… Continue reading