More Riot News: A Big Awesome Art Contest with Polycount

Contest description, rules and prizes on Polycount (and really, really detailed rules)
Polycount Entry Threads

Polycount has teamed up with Riot for another of their Giant Awesome Contests(tm), running from now until December 19th.  There are five (count ’em) categories:  character art, environment art, illustration, animation and vfx, and you can enter as many as you want if you’re the interdisciplinary or sleep-hating type.  In all cases dynamicism and exaggeration, efficiency, and consideration for the isometric angle used in LoL are repeatedly cited as important, and great color usage and painting for those that involve colors.

  • Characters:  Create a high-poly and fully-textured low-poly model of a LoL hero (in any of their skins).
  • Environments:  Create a high-poly and low-poly fully textured model of a unique Turret, Inhibitor, and a Creep Den which includes rocks and bushes and/or trees
  • Illustration:  Reimagine the splash art for a hero (in any of their skins), at least 3000px wide
  • Animation:  Create a looping walk or run cycle and an ultimate attack animation clearly communicating personality and
  • VFX:  Create two spheres casting two unique spell attacks at each other.

All entries must create a work-in-progress thread here, and prizes include the choice of a Choice of a Wacom® Cintiq® Companion 512 GB model or Wacom® Cintiq® 24 HD Touch for first place, an nVidia® GTX™ TITAN® Black 6GB Graphics Card for second place and a Wacom® Intuos® Creative Stylus 2, along with 50-70,ooo Riot Points, a highlight on Riot (and presumably, Polycount) pages, and signed posters for all three placers in each category.

More detailed rules, submission instructions and prize descriptions are on the site, and it looks to be awesome.  Good luck and have fun!