Environment Artist

Environment Artists are in charge of modeling and texturing assets for the game world- if it isn’t a character or creature, an environment artist will most likely have to make it (there are occasional exceptions for games that use a lot of highly detailed weapons or vehicles- these may fall on a character artist or a “3D Modeler” instead). Having a strong grasp of artistic fundamentals- color, silhouette, prioritization of detail, etc.- is essential, as are experience with actual modeling, sculpting and texturing tools. The ability to create cohesive assets that match both the overall style and the rest of the team’s work, clearly convey visual heirarchy (this is breakable, this is a weapon, this is just a rock, etc.), and other such skills that venture more into the realm of level design are also important. The broader an environment artist’s knowledge, the better; the range of assets they create means that any knowledge of the world- architecture, mechanics, botany, you name it- will be useful at some point. Environment artists are also frequently in charge of final implementation many assets, so many will need a working knowledge of worldbuilding and lighting within a game’s engine as well as asset optimization.