Hand-Painted and Stylized Texture Tutorials

Projection texturing (part 1) from Slipgatecentral Vertex has tutorials on stylized textures in both volumes 1 and 2 Hand-Painted Brick Texture in Photoshop by Miklós Bencz – covers a lot of the common key points of… Continue reading

Art Contest: Petrol/Blood hosted by Polycount runs until August 9th

Full rules on Polycount Contest forum Articles:  PBR (Physically-based rendering)  Theory and PBR In Practice  Polycount is hosting a new modeling contest aimed at introducing folks to physically-based rendering (which I hear all the cool… Continue reading

I Need to Make Games(.com) is awesome, and so is GameCareerGuide’s “Getting Started” collection

  I Need to Make Games homepage “How to Break Into the Industry” on INeedToMakeGames “Getting Started” on GameCareerGuides There are interviews!  There’s advice!  There are bulleted lists!  There are numbered lists!  Destin Bales… Continue reading

“Art for Games” wants to help you level up your art for games

Art for Games homepage A new game art resource, misleadingly titled “Art for Games”, launched their beta website a few days ago, and what they have to show so far is pretty cool.… Continue reading

Indie Game Maker Contest 2014 runs until June 30, and has cashy prizes

Contest homepage From now until the last minutes of June 30th, you can make and submit a game to the RPGMaker’s Indie Game Maker Contest. You can submit up to two completed games,… Continue reading

IGDA Hosting Weekly Webinars

IGDA Webinar schedule The IGDA has begun hosting weekly webinars on Wednesday mornings (9am PST, 4pm GMT), and they’re open to everyone including non-members as long as you RSVP.  Current the topics follow… Continue reading

Take it easy, tiger: Two cases for small first projects

Accusatory arrow and cat mine. Mr. DeLeon is much nicer than this. “Reasons for Modest First Projects and Incremental Learning” by Chris DeLeon “When To Take the Easy Route” by Brice Morrison  Scope… Continue reading

“The Illusion of Life” video summary of Disney’s 12 Principles of Animation

“The Illusion of Life” by Cento Lodigiani on Vimeo This is the best simple demo of Disney’s beloved 12 principles of animation I’ve seen in a long time. And it’s a really good… Continue reading

Game Mechanic Explorer is basically my favorite new passtime

Game Mechanic Explorer homepage John Watson’s Game Mechanic Explorer kind of gives its purpose away in the title, but it’s a grand little library of interactive examples with a brief explanation below it, along… Continue reading

For all you digital painters, some giant collections of process images and brushes

Part of Ty Carter’s “Design, Color, Value and Idea” mini-tutorial on Process Resource (also Ty Carter’s blog is pretty awesome) Process Resource Tumblr Digital Brushes Tumblr Tools won’t magically make you a better artist,… Continue reading