Technical Artist

The easiest way to confirm that you’re among tech artists is to see how much time they dedicate to discussing what a tech artist actually does – even within the same studio, tech artists’ responsibilities tend to overlap fairly little.  Tech artists are pretty easily summed up as middlemen between artists and programmers, capable of communicating intelligently with and solving problems for any team along the pipeline.  Although most tech artists tend to specialize based on the needs of the company that hires them, solid skills in rigging, toolscript and general programming, shaders, and all the ins and outs of at least one game engine and 3D package are fairly essential, as are the ability to work with and problem-solve for almost every part of development from the modeling package to rigging, animation, effects, audio and anything that happens in the engine.  Being a fast learner, a great communicator, and a quick and eager tinkerer are all pretty essential as well.