Feng Zhu Design School on Youtube

Feng Zhu Design School’s Youtube channel My friend Jan Wyss was kind enough to point out to me that Feng Zhu keeps a YouTube channel of critiques and lectures from his school, which… Continue reading


MentorNet MentorNet, as the title suggests, is a website designed to set up a mentee (say, you) with a mentor from your industry. There’s an entire pool of game industry folk on there… Continue reading

Cedarseed’s Anatomy and Coloration Tutorials

Cedarseed’s Tutorial Collection Cedarseed has made a huge collection of tutorials covering everything from human anatomy and coloration to aging and flexibility, and lately has been branching out into much of the same… Continue reading

Paul Richard’s Design Iteration Combat Simulation

“Design Iteration Combat Simulation” The sheet of paper that will now proceed to take over your life. If you haven’t clicked the link based on the title alone, then you’re doing it wrong.… Continue reading

The Pixar Research Group’s Library

Pixar Research Group’s Library Pixar’s Research Group, as you may have guessed (or you cheated and just clicked on the link already), is in charge of researching and developing new software and tools… Continue reading

Lauren K. Cannon’s Skin Tutorial

Lauren K. Cannon’s Skin Tutorial Rick Gilliland pointed me to this beautiful tutorial by Lauren K. Cannon. While very much focused on skin, there’s a wealth of information on handling light, color and… Continue reading

Linh Nguyen’s Youtube Tutorials

Linh Nguyen’s Youtube Channel Linh’s an excellent former teacher of mine, and he keeps a Youtube channel of tutorials and demos he’s done for his students. The topics are wide-ranging, including rigging, modeling,… Continue reading

Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts While maybe not the most exciting link you’ll ever see on this blog, if you’ve been searching for an easy way to search or get free fonts for your games,… Continue reading

Notes from GDC’s “Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer”

“Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer” The Game Developer Conference has recently started doing series of career- and entry-level-focused sessions, and “Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer” is a recurring favorite of mine. This talk… Continue reading

CGSociety’s “The Top Ten Tips of Texturing”

“The Top Ten Tips of Texturing” Exactly what it sounds like, this article provides very solid and detailed (although not overly- think bullet points and sample images) advice on how to improve your… Continue reading