Game Art Style Guides

Game Art Style Guides This is a fun collection of art and animation style guides, tips and tricks. At the moment it’s a rather small library, but it’s a new site and has… Continue reading

“15 Tips to Improve as An Artist” (and 10 for your portfolio website)

“15 Tips to Improve as An Artist” “10 Tips to Improve Your Portfolio Website” There’s a lot of consensus on what makes for a stunted artist or a bad portfolio. Neil Gowland’s two… Continue reading

“Building Levels in Unity”- a three-part tutorial by Paladin Studio’s Matthias Zarzecki

An image from Paladin Studio’s “Looking for Group: Fork of Truth” Part 1: Terrain Part 2: Asset Management and Placement Part 3: Tying the World Together Bonus: How to create an online multiplayer… Continue reading

Game Art Tips, Tricks and Advice from Several Industry Bloggers

One of Simon Schreibt’s gifs showing the vertex-painted backgrounds of Homeworld 2 “smArtist” articles by Jon Jones Advice in blog format from Jeff Parrot “Game Art Tricks” by Simon Schreibt I’ve mentioned Jon… Continue reading

Ethan Levy’s series “Breaking into Game Design”

Breaking into game design: Step 1 – Find Your Mountain Breaking into game design: Step 2 – Build Your Portfolio Breaking into game design: Step 3 – Learn to Sell Yourself Breaking into… Continue reading

Game Development Tuts+

Game Development Tuts+ “Getting Started” I mentioned Game Development Tuts+ in passing a few weeks ago, but I think it’s a robust enough website to merit its own post. They have a pretty… Continue reading

Noah Bradley’s “Don’t Go to Art School” (and “The $10k Ultimate Art Education”)

“Don’t Go to Art School” by Noah Bradley It’s not exactly a neutral article, but it’s an incredibly good one – Noah Bradley’s blog on why aspiring commercial artists shouldn’t go to school… Continue reading

“How to Create a Custom 2D Physics Engine,” a four-part tutorial by Randy Gaul

Demo video of a finalized engine from Gaul’s tutorial How to Create a Custom 2D Physics Engine: Part 1 How to Create a Custom 2D Physics Engine: Part 2 How to Create a… Continue reading

“How Games are Made: Defense Grid 2”: Polygon will be following a game’s development for a full year

Part 1 of Polygon’s “How Games are Made: Defense Grid 2” Game development has traditionally been a pretty secretive process, at least from what I can tell, so recent moves towards more open… Continue reading

Polycount Interview: “Wildstar, Behind the Scenes”

Torine Relic from Carbine’s Wildstar Polycount’s “Wildstar, Behind the Scenes” Exactly how I endeavored to forget to post this for over a week is a bit of a mystery to me, but here… Continue reading