Tips for GDC and the Career Pavilion (or: basic portfolio and networking tips)

Fiendishly pilfered from the GDC frontpage GDC is just a few weeks away, and if you’re never been before it can be incredibly overwhelming. As it only happens once a year and, particularly… Continue reading

The Benefits of Competitions (Even the Little Ones)

Mini Challenges Archive from GameArtisans Competitions and contests are a wonderful way to show off your skills and gain publicity and prizes if you’re exceptionally talented. If your skills aren’t quite ready to… Continue reading

Interview with Paul Richards, Concept Artist for Darksiders, Halo 4, etc.

I’ve linked to Paul Richards before, when singing the praises of the Design Iteration Combat Simulation. He’s worked on an impressive variety of games and is a remarkably prolific artist on his own… Continue reading

Free Game- and App-Specific Programming Courses

Open Online Courses stating soon: HTML5 Game Development (starts February 4th) Interactive 3D Graphics (starts Mach 11th) Foundations of Computer Graphics (6 weeks – starts March 18th) Full list of OOCs from OpenCulture… Continue reading

GDCVault’s Free Art Sessions

Slide from “Borderlands and the 11th Hour Art Style Change”General The Art of Diablo 3 by Christian Lichtner (Blizzard) Guild Wars: The Artists’ Vision by Daniel Dociu (NCsoft West) The Art Direction of… Continue reading

Interview with Ben Prunty, Composer for FTL: Faster Than Light

Ben wouldn’t give me a clear answer on which picture he wanted used, so please enjoy this pixelated version instead.Ben Prunty is, at the risk of spoiling his interview a little, an independent… Continue reading

GDCVault’s Free Career Seminar Videos

Breaking Into Game Development: Ask the Pros by Chris Charla (Microsoft Games), Frank O’Connor (Microsoft), Brenda Garno Brathwaite (Loot Drop), Kim Swift, Travis George (Riot) Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer: Part 1 –… Continue reading

GDCVault’s Free Design and Narrative Videos

Design Talks A Theory of Fun 10 Years Later by Raph Koster (Playdom) A Fireside Chat with Markus ‘Notch’ Persson Dear Esther: Making an Indie Success Out of an Experimental Mod by Dan… Continue reading

Vertex – A Whole Digital Magazine of Awesome Tutorials

Art by Papercut Vertex is a free magazine containing articles and tutorials by a whole host of very talented developers. The tutorials are wonderfully clear and image-heavy, and cover everything from modeling, sculpting,… Continue reading

Valve’s Critiques of Their DotA 2 Contest Winners

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 While these aren’t the absolute deepest of critiques, the DotA 2 blog’s critiques of their Polycount contest winners is an interesting look into some real-life… Continue reading