Portfolios, Resumes and Cover Letters: More on those terrifying things

IGDA Orange County’s recent lecture/Q&A with local industry recruiters IGDA Resume Workshop – May 2013 (video above) Your Portfolio Repels Jobs by Jon Jones Resumes & Portfolios: The Naughty Dog Way Ten tips… Continue reading

Character Design and Reference Resources

A small (no, really) part of the categories of Character Design References Character Design References Character Design Page Character Design Artist Interviews This might be the most amazing reference collection I’ve ever seen.… Continue reading

Illustrated Animal Anatomy Resources

A plate from the Handbuch der Anatomie der Tiere für Künstler Anatomy Studies and Tutorial Veterinary Anatomical Illustrations– A collection of about 80 different anatomy plates for various mammals. Pulls a great deal… Continue reading

GDC 2013’s Free Vault Content is Up

All Free Content for GDC 2013 Brave New World: New Bungie IP by Joe Staten (Bungie) and Christopher Barrett (Bungie) We Are Not Heroes: Contextualizing Violence Through Narrative by Walt Williams (2K Games)… Continue reading

UDK’s Official Tutorials and Documentation

UDK Front Page UDK Resource Depot UDK Video Tutorials UDK, another of the more popular game engines alongside Unity, also has a huge community of support, from extensive and pretty well-organized documentation to… Continue reading

World of Level Design

World of Level Design World of Level Design is a huge collection of introductory content, interviews, and all levels of tutorials on level design, working within various engines, and a fair bit of… Continue reading

Current-Gen Knife Tutorial by Joe Harford

Tracker Knife tutorial playlist Joe Harford has released a great modeling tutorial for creating a knife game asset, from high-poly modeling to final asset to texturing. It’s a good hour and a half… Continue reading

Digital Tutors Free Content

Sample of Digital Tutors free tutorials Free complete tutorials Digital Tutors website Digital Tutors has a massive archive tutorials, which in my experience are very high-quality and thorough. Amongst these are a huge… Continue reading

Unity Learn is Live

Unity Learn’s new front page Unity Learn main page Download Unity Unity, one of the major free game engines, has redone their education section, adding a ton of introductory tutorials (with more to… Continue reading

Gamasutra’s “Level Design in a Day” Q&A

Screenshot from Deadspace, cheerfully lifted from the Gamasutra article Level Design in a Day: Your Questions, Answered Just in time for GDC, Gamasutra has published this wonderful interview with the speakers of GDC’s… Continue reading