Art Contest: Petrol/Blood hosted by Polycount runs until August 9th

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Articles:  PBR (Physically-based rendering)  Theory and PBR In Practice

 Polycount is hosting a new modeling contest aimed at introducing folks to physically-based rendering (which I hear all the cool realists these days are using).  Entries must be a 3D diorama of a vehicle/mount and rider in a death-match-style tournament, either preparing for the next round, participating in a match, or reacting to the outcome of a match.  You can enter either on your own or with a partner, and from there the rules are pretty loose.  There are a few oddball technical requirements – your final submissions must be rendered in Marmoset and your pipeline must involve the Quixel suite at some point – but these are great tools (and Quixel is getting pretty common in around the industry) with a 30-day trial and beta version, respectively (the contest runs longer than the Marmoset trial, so make sure you don’t download that before you need it).  The contest ends August 9th, and three entries will receive full licenses to Quixel Suite and Marmoset Toolbag.  The overall toppinest winner(s) will also each receive a PS4 or Xbox 360 and a game, which is pretty snazzy.

Even if this contest isn’t your bag, the articles are definitely worth reading if you’re looking to get into any kind of 3D work.

(via Polycount)