Take it easy, tiger: Two cases for small first projects

Accusatory arrow and cat mine. Mr. DeLeon is much nicer than this.

“Reasons for Modest First Projects and Incremental Learning” by Chris DeLeon
“When To Take the Easy Route” by Brice Morrison

 Scope is a big problem in game development.  Sooner or later, even professional studios, no matter how experienced, will probably have to scale down the scope of their game, and for personal projects, with little-to-no funding and tiny teams, it tends to lead to abandoned projects and discouragement (that happens to the big studios, too, but we’re not here to talk about them).  A lot of people in the industry will tell you the significance of being able to show you can finish a project, and it’s true, but we’re all wired to overestimate our abilities to complete things that are within our control.

These are some good articles to read, even if only as a reminder to keep your goals clear and reasonable.  You can always add more when your initial goals are met, after all, and adding feels a lot more awesome than chipping away what were once key pieces.

Both gentlemen also have full websites geared towards beginning and independent game developers and the dev-curious: Mr. DeLeon’s HobbyGameDev and Mr. Morrison’s The Game Prodigy.

(via GameCareerGuide)