I’m the worst! The Comicon Challenge 2014 is open and you character artists should be excited.

Comicon Challenge website

The Comicon Challenge 2014 is up and running for all your epic comic-inspired art hankerings.  Here are the themes for this year:

“Re-create a known hero or villain in his last moments, during one epic final battle. The hero should be beaten, torn, and only have enough power left to do one final strike!”


“Re-create a known hero or villain who is returning after being gone for a long period of time, or who is rising for the first time, all shiny and new (optional: new costume?), to face an epic battle. For better or for worse, this new or returning hero/villain is set to change the world!”

The contest always generates some great works and it’s a great format for working within defined guidelines on a deadline for aspiring character artists and illustrators.  Full guidelines for both 2D and 3D entries can be found here.

Entries are due by March 10th.  Good luck and have fun!