IGDA Conference Scholarships (and the E3 one is accepting applications)

IGDA Scholars homepage

The IGDA offers a fair number of non-traditional “scholarships” to aspiring game developers and current college students to help them attend networking and industry events.  The primary purpose of the scholarships is in providing a pass to otherwise-expensive industry conferences, but I would argue the more valuable part is that they set you up with a mentor who will check in with you before the conference and every day of it, helping you network and acting as a sounding board of sorts for you.  There are scholarships available for a pretty large number of venues, too: as of writing, you can apply for a scholarship to GDC San Francisco (the main one), E3, Casual Connect USA, GDC Europe, CEDEC, and the Tokyo Game Show.

The scholarships are open to full-time college/university students and those who have graduated within six months of the event they’re applying for a scholarship too.  Applicants must also be IGDA members (and students get a pretty great discount for joining, so make sure to capitalize on that).  The E3 applications are open until March 23rd, 2014.