Facial Modeling Timelapse videos by Sergi Caballer

Sergi Caballer – Facial Modeling Timelapse 1/3 – BLOCKING TOPOLOGY from Sergi Caballer on Vimeo.

Facial Modeling Timelapse with notes

Sergi Caballer has put together a pretty gorgeous three-part series of speed modeling a head from start to finish. Rather than just blazing through his model in a trail of polygonal glory, though, Mr. Caballer has put together a whole page including notes on what he was doing and what tools he used at various points in the videos, and longer explanations of the general gist of each video and some select expanded notes. He also color-codes the different muscle groups of the face, which is a really nice touch. The final head is built to animation specs rather than game, but the overall topology is the same.

The first of the three videos is embedded above, but I would really encourage you to view them all on his webpage instead, as the notes he’s put together are really wonderful.

(Thanks to Shon Mitchell for sending me this.)