“Using Game Job Boards the Right Way” by Brice Morrison

“Using Job Boards the Right Way” by Brice Morrison on GameCareerGuide

This article offers some great advice on how to use job boards and descriptions not only to make sure you’re customizing your applications in a meaningful way, but also to determine what relevant skills you’re missing (great for both targeting specific jobs and general informed skill advancement).

One other piece of advice that isn’t mentioned here but is very relevant to entry-level job hunting using boards: many boards charge studios to post there, so don’t get discouraged if you see no positions but senior level or higher listed. Instead, go to the websites of the companies that listed those jobs and see what else they have offered that they haven’t listed on the boards. (Combining job boards and another studio search tool such as GameDevMap is a great way to quickly narrow down job opportunities in an area, too.)

(via GameCareerGuide)