Find a Local Chapter and Join the IGDA (International Game Developers Association)

IGDA website
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“Breaking In” section with career paths and developer profiles
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The International Game Developers Association is one of the largest developer organizations in the world, and is a great thing to be a member of regardless of what level game developer you are. There are several chapters all over the world, most of which meet on a regular (or semi-regular basis) for presentations, lectures, parties or simply to network. IGDA also has a huge number of special interest groups (SIGS) ranging from socially-geared ones such as LGBT and Women in Games groups to development-focused groups such as level design and AI. They also host events, have several advocacy programs, provide GDC scholarships, host columns and articles by industry writers…. They do a lot. It’s a huge organization, and an excellent one to be a part of.

The main IGDA website alone has a huge amount of information on everything from careers and breaking in (linked above) to their own newsletter and wiki, and many individual chapters keep Facebook pages Youtube channels recording their meeting lectures (I’ve listed all the chapter channels I could find at the bottom of this post), etc.

Being a full member of IGDA requires paying membership dues, something I think is well worth it for anyone trying to break in (and there are a lot of discounts available to students and for other reasons), but so much of the information is free you should keep an eye on the website regardless.

Chapter Youtube Channels