“Building Levels in Unity”- a three-part tutorial by Paladin Studio’s Matthias Zarzecki

An image from Paladin Studio’s “Looking for Group: Fork of Truth”

This wonderful little series of tutorials by Matthias Zarzecki gives a simple, straightforward overview of building a level, covering terrain creation and texturing in Unity, asset management and placement (including oft-underrated things such as the importance of a naming convention and the benefits of custom versus modular assets), and wrapping it up with tips on level structure and how to create a better sense of place and story using props, lighting, fog, sounds and all sort of other little details. As the tutorials go on they become more and more general, and by the third tutorial I don’t think anything Unity-specific is mentioned. However, it’s a fantastic list of common-sense pointers for level creation and a quick read to boot (and lots of excellent images).

The tutorial “How to create an online multiplayer game with Unity” is honestly way over my head, but I figured it was worth linking to for anyone who was looking for guidance in that area.

(via Gamasutra)