Game Art Tips, Tricks and Advice from Several Industry Bloggers

One of Simon Schreibt’s gifs showing the vertex-painted backgrounds of Homeworld 2

“smArtist” articles by Jon Jones
Advice in blog format from Jeff Parrot
“Game Art Tricks” by Simon Schreibt

I’ve mentioned Jon Jones before and his incredibly useful (and oh-so-blunt) article “Your Portfolio Repels Jobs.” Jeff Parrot has a similar series of articles, although some more specifically geared towards environment artists, as well as a smattering of tutorials.

My favorite of the batch, although it’s a little less pertinent to this blog, is definitely Simon Schreibt’s clever explorations of tricks various games have used to get the most out of their graphics. They’re great and easy reads with lots of pictures, but the educational value and insight (such as what a bunch of cheaters game artists are) are downright delightful.

(Thanks to Patrick Gilliland for pointing me to Schreibt’s blog.)