Portfolios, Resumes and Cover Letters: More on those terrifying things

IGDA Orange County’s recent lecture/Q&A with local industry recruiters
IGDA Resume Workshop – May 2013 (video above)
Your Portfolio Repels Jobs by Jon Jones
Resumes & Portfolios: The Naughty Dog Way
Ten tips for the perfect portfolio by Peter Leonard
Polycount’s “Portfolio” wiki

I’m not sure about you, but no matter how many times I redo my cover letter, resume and portfolio, I remain convinced that they are, in fact, the worst things ever.

These talks probably won’t make you instantly feel better about any of that, but they’re fantastic resources for figuring out what to improve. They also include a lot of information from recruiters at specific companies, which is a great way of learning not only just what game recruiters look for, but also honing in on how to customize your applications for specific companies.

(Thanks to Julia Brasil for pointing me to the IGDA video.)