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This might be the most amazing reference collection I’ve ever seen. The Character Design References Pinterest boards, maintained by Valerio Gramellini, span 126 different subjects, ranging from basic human anatomy, to collections of character designs from all ages, body types, and species, to various types of poses, environments and characters, specific artists, world maps, effects, animations and seriously you guys it’s huge. The quality of the work posted is both very high and everything I’ve seen so far is a delight to browse. (He also maintains a Facebook page for the boards if you want updates but don’t want to join Pinterest.)

Character Design Page is run by a fellow who goes by Wagner CG, and features the animations, process work and designs of three different character designers per week. They also have a bunch of downloadable tutorials and resources of their own, and who can resist that?

Finally there’s Character Design Artist Interviews, a huge collection of interviews by Randall Sly with a lot of really awesome, talented character designers about their work, process, influences and so on.

(Character Design References and Character Design Page via Muddy Colors.)

(Updated 07.21.2013 to correctly reflect the owners of the sites: Character Design Reference Pinterest is maintained by Valerio Gramellini, the Character Design Page is run Wagner CG, and the Character Design Artist Interviews are done by Randall Sly.)