Illustrated Animal Anatomy Resources

A plate from the Handbuch der Anatomie der Tiere für Künstler

Anatomy Studies and Tutorial

General Zoological Illustration, with a dash of anatomical studies

I’ve been doing a lot of hunting for animal anatomy reference lately and figured I’d share my favorites of what I’ve found. These are some beautiful collections of animal and anatomical illustrations and all well worth a look (although admittedly, the bottom few are a bit more of a peruse-at-your-leisure sort of deal).

I’d also definitely recommend looking up Terryl Whitlatch (I’ve talked about her before here, but unfortunately the free beta of the Tales of Amalthea site has ended). Her paleoillustrations are fantastic and her anatomy studies crystal-clear.

(P.S. Sorry for such a prolonged lack of updates! Most of May was spent crunching to get our game out on time.)