GDCVault’s Free Art Sessions

Slide from “Borderlands and the 11th Hour Art Style Change”General



Tech Art


Main Content HubGDC lumps all visual (and technical) arts (and level design? I’ll get to that in a different post.) together into one track, and records them considerably less frequently than most tracks. Which leaves for some relatively slim (but tasty) pickings, so I’ve done my best to just sort them all out into nice little lists here instead of making a whole bunch of tiny posts. That said, there are some real gems buried in the sessionse.

Since there’s not as much content for the art track (or at least, it’s a little more scattered), there are a lot of slides linked to here in addition to video. There’s also a fair bit of direct-download content I haven’t linked to. If you want to check those out of just browse, you can go to the full list of free content.