GDCVault’s Free Career Seminar Videos

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Round Two of the GDCVault extravaganza is perhaps the most relevant to readers here- GDC’s Career track sessions. These are all sessions aimed at students and those looking to break into the industry, and give advice on everything from networking, portfolio and interviews to prototypes, mods and going flat-out indie. GDC has completely overhauled this section in the past few years and done a fantastic job, and even after several years of industry employment I go to these sessions because they’re some of the most consistently excellent sessions GDC offers.

As the career track in its current form is only a few years old, prior to that there’s relatively little content and almost all of it is in the form of direct-download slides, which I don’t like to here. However, if you want to check out the entire selection, go to the full list of free content. Most sessions aren’t directly linked to from that page, but the sidebar filters make it pretty easy to filter things down.

(This is an updated version of the original post on this topic, as I realized while compiling lists for other tracks that I’d been missing a huge amount of content that I’d misinterpreted as being members-only.)