GDCVault’s Free Design and Narrative Videos

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I’ve mentioned the existence of GDCVault in past posts and pages (at least, I think I have), but being as there’s 18 years worth of sessions in there now, I figured I should do some sorting and track down some of the real gems to get people started. I started with the design and narrative tracks because, well, why not? It’s been a while since design got some love on this blog.

There are also a fair number of classic game postmortems, in which the designers describe the process their game’s development cycle went through, what they learned, would have liked to do better, and so on.

The list of free content is massive and this list is simply what I think is the best and most broadly relevant session- a lot of the video-less, direct-download, incredibly old or particularly niche talks aren’t linked here so that the list doesn’t become completely overwhelming.
If you want to check out the entire selection (and you really should), go to the full list of free content. Most sessions aren’t directly linked to from that page, but the sidebar filters make it pretty easy to filter things down.

(This is an updated version of the original post on this topic, as I realized while compiling lists for other tracks that I’d been missing a huge amount of content that I’d misinterpreted as being members-only.)