Vertex – A Whole Digital Magazine of Awesome Tutorials

Art by Papercut

Vertex is a free magazine containing articles and tutorials by a whole host of very talented developers.

The tutorials are wonderfully clear and image-heavy, and cover everything from modeling, sculpting, texturing and shaders, to concept art, color theory, an awesome generalized article on tech art (great if you’re not sure you want to get into tech art, or what in god’s name that might entail), all the way to world building, combat/level design, running an indie studio, and even freelancing.

The magazine, as you might have guessed, is massive, to the point where I feel a little bad calling it a magazine- it falls in at exactly 300 pages, and every one of them is incredibly inspirational and informative. I can’t think of anyone who won’t benefit in some way from at least skimming this for anything that catches their eye, but if you’re any sort of artist, this is probably the best 300 pages you’ll be able to get for free any time soon.

(Thanks to Jan Wyss for originally pointing me to this.)