Free Human Anatomy Resources and Tutorials

Drawing and anatomy tutorials by Stan Prokopenko
“Painting and Drawing Hands” by Donato Giancola
Zygote Body

Stan Prokopenko has built up a great collection of tutorials on drawing the head and face in his blog. The tutorials are all very nicely broken down, and as there’s one for each major facial feature it’s great for pinpointing weak spots in your drawing or just building up from simplest to most complex.

“Painting and Drawing Hands” is less a tutorial than an article, but it fits well with this post’s theme and the examples are beautiful. And who couldn’t use an extra kick to work on their hand anatomy?

Zygote Body is less a tutorial and more just the sort of thing I wish I’d had to fiddle around with since forever. By adjusting various buttons and dials on this little app, you can adjust which portions of the human anatomy are displayed. It’s not a complete echreche, but it’s about as close as you’ll ever really need in a web app.

Finally, although they’re not an “official” part of this post and I know I’ve mentioned two of them before, I would be remiss to wrap this up without mentioning the excellent anatomy sketching resource Posemaniacs and the huge range of breakdown anatomy tutorials by cedarseed.