Extra Credits: Four seasons (and counting) of game theory and musings

Extra Credits website
Extra Credits Youtube channel

Extra Credits is a weekly 7-or-so minute video by James Portnow, Daniel Floyd, Allison Theus, and Elisa Scaldaferri. Their main website also has a lot of articles and podcasts that, from what I’ve seen, are awesome, but as I haven’t delved very deep into those I’m going to be focusing on the videos (but still, check the main site out).

As the writing is all done by a designer, a fair number of the videos tend to focus on design and storytelling, but the subject matter is impressively expansive, covering all the basic components of games (visuals, story, characters, music, programming, pre-production and so on) as well as broader musings on the future of gaming, the occasional game review, and remarkably specific episodes on things like power creep, the appeal of zombies and pro gaming.

Perhaps the most relevant for readers here, though, is that Extra Credits took the time to do a whole host of “So You Want to be a…” videos for a lot of the different game jobs. Here’s the roster of career paths they’ve tackled so far (or, lacking those, the most relevant videos for each field):

Last but not least, two of my favorite feel-good videos from them: “Gamifying Education” and “Enriching Lives.”

(Update 01.2014: With the cancellation of PATV, all the links have been updated to their Youtube counterparts.)