ctrl+Paint: Free Tutorials, Brushes, and Badassery


ctrl+Paint is an awesome site. As you might guess, it’s aimed at digital painters, but the content is so wide-ranging that anyone could benefit from checking it out.

There’s a section containing some downloadable brush packs and such, but the majority of the content and gems of this site are in the videos. The subject matter is all over the place, from technical details of Photoshop to design principles, to proper critique, and stylistic choices such as exaggeration and lost edges. My personal favorites so far are “Being a Beginner” and “The Drawing Habit”, which everyone, ever, should be required to watch and possibly memorize. The videos are rarely over five minutes long, which is nice as it keeps them focused and stops them from getting intimidating or overwhelming.

Finally, there’s the Digital Painting 101 page, which is essentially a crash course in the basic of painting via Photoshop.

The entire site is fantastic, and regardless of what you’re focusing on, you should at least take a quick look around. The “theory” section contains most of the broad-application videos such as continuous learning, finding inspiration and building a portfolio. If you’re actually in art, though, the whole site should be fair game.