Gamedevmap and Sample Requirements for Internships and Entry-Level Jobs


Sample Requirements for Entry-Level Jobs

Sample Requirements for Internships

Fun fact: job hunting is terrifying. Probably. Unless you’re new enough to the industry for this site to be relevant to you, job hunting is probably terrifying. I’m not here to change that, per se, because it very well might never stop being scary, but those links are a good start.

The straightforwardly-named is a website which lists all (or very close to all) of the studios for various game development hotspots. The studios are sorted by area and color-coded depending on exactly what they do (development, publishing, online, mobile, etc.). It’s an awesome way to find the studios in your area, areas you’re thinking about moving to, or just to have an easy list of a lot of studios.

The sample requirement pages for both entry-level jobs and internships are gleefully pilfered from Blizzard, who was thoughtful enough to create generic descriptions of all their basic positions even when they aren’t hiring specifically for those. The descriptions include pretty much all the early jobs, from design and production to 2D and 3D art, animation VFX, programming and tech art. While they are, naturally, geared towards Blizzard’s tastes, entry-level jobs and internships are generic enough to where these descriptions are an awesome guide to where and what you want your skills to be when you set out on the hunt.