“How to Make a Free Website in Less Than 10 Minutes”

“How to Make a Free Website in Less Than 10 Minutes”

In fine and borderline(maybe not so borderline)-snarky form, Don dos Santos followed up Serge Birault’s article “Promoting Yourself on the Internet” last week with a quick tutorial on how to make a really simple, slick portfolio website, for free, using Blogger. Blogger is my personal favorite of the free blog services out there, and Santos’s tutorial is awesome, but if you feel like using something different, here’s a list of other places you could turn for a free, easy portfolio website:

  • Carbonmade: Free hosting service specifically geared towards displaying portfolios.
  • Tumblr: On the off chance you don’t know what Tumblr is, it’s basically a really slimmed-down, squeaky clean blog. Unlike DeviantArt, your main competition here is Instagram photos.
  • Weebly: Another free webhosting service with lots of customization tools straight out of the box.

While I’m not sure what the specific limits are, one advantage those three do have over Blogger is that since they’re designed to house large numbers of images (rather than primarily text), the caps on image uploads are a lot higher.

Of course, if you’re just looking for somewhere to post work informally, forums, deviantArt, and actual blogs (as opposed to those masquerading as portfolios, like above) are all great places, especially since you’re more likely to get critiques and feedback. There are a lot of forums listed on the Communities page, if you don’t have a favorite already.