Serge Birault’s Advice for Promoting Yourself on the Internet

“Promoting Yourself on the Internet”

This fantastic article by Serge Birault is thorough, well-written, and cynically realistic to the point of being amusing at just how spot on he often is. While explicitly aimed at freelancers, who have to get work to come to them, it’s excellent advice for anyone who wants to have an online presence – and unless you’re planning to send physical portfolios to companies for the rest of your life (spoilers: you’re not), that’s a very good thing to have, and have early. Some of his

To summarize:

  • Have a professional website. Have a web designer make it for you.
  • Have a blog. Don’t have a blog be your professional website.
  • Be active on lots of forums. You’ll get both critiques to grow from and – hopefully – some positive exposure.
  • Maintain a professional presence on social networking sites; just don’t maintain it so much that it cuts into your actual worktime.
  • Know your audience(s), and cater to them (maybe not all the time, but, y’know).
  • Never work for free.
  • Don’t let the internet turn into nothing but a marketplace for you. There’s a lot of awesome talent and inspiration out there for you, too.

But really, go read the full article. It’s excellent.