GDC Vault’s Free Content

GDC Vault’s Free Content

I don’t know how it took me this long to remember that the GDC Vault is not only awesome, but that a surprising amount of it is free. GDC Vault stores all the recorded content from every GDC they’ve ever bothered recording content at, including slides, audio, and even full videos of presentations from all across the career tracks (Art, Programming, Design, Indie, Education, and so on).

The link has been added to the Library page, but if you’re impatient to start watching here are a few freebies from GDC2012.

In keeping with some themes of the day, “The Art of Diablo III” (also, incidentally one of the single best GDC sessions I’ve ever seen), happens to be in there.

“Build That Wall”, a session on audio creation for Bastion, because it’s awesome and the audio people are overdue for some love around here.

And finally, “The Failure Workshop”, a huge collection of mini-lectures by indie designers on their awesome gameplay ideas that turned out to be spectacularly awful, and died before launch accordingly.