The Pixar Research Group’s Library

Pixar Research Group’s Library

Pixar’s Research Group, as you may have guessed (or you cheated and just clicked on the link already), is in charge of researching and developing new software and tools to help make Pixar movies awesome (they phrase it much more eloquently here. The library contains notes, slides, and PDF breakdowns of their creations over the years, which cover topics ranging from rendering to art direction choices to animation and rigging and all over the rest of the board. For the most part it’s pretty technical, but it’s worthwhile for just about anyone to skim the titles and read one or two that sound like fun.

Being as Pixar tends to make things a little less real-time-oriented than games typically art, a lot of the information can’t just be dropped into a game pipeline, but it’s a site full of awesome and inspiring work nonetheless.

(P.S. I don’t actually remember who sent me this because I’m a jerk, but thanks awesome person!)