Notes from GDC’s “Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer”

“Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer”

The Game Developer Conference has recently started doing series of career- and entry-level-focused sessions, and “Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer” is a recurring favorite of mine. This talk was done by a mixed group of professionals from some of top-notch studios and covers the portfolio basics for just about every artistic career path you could hope to chase in game development, from the obvious ones like character modeling and concept art down to UI, VFX and level builders. Unfortunately tech art is skimmed in such a way that you’ll probably only learn just how variable that job title is, and things like programming and design are skipped altogether.
That said, this is a must-read for anyone hoping to be any sort of game artist, and the first half is general do’s and don’ts that are useful for anyone who’s putting together a portfolio.