Comic Theories for Games

If you’re not familiar with Aaron Diaz, he’s the guy who makes Dresden Codak. There, now you know who he is. Everybody knows Dresden Codak, right?

Even better (I’m sure saying that will get me in all sorts of trouble), he’s written some really wonderful essays (posts? tumblrs? articles?) on various aspects of comic visuals that can very easily be applied to concept art, character and environment design, and even level design to some degree.


“Draftsmanship: Increasing Your Visual Vocabulary”
“Less vs. More”
“Silhouettes: The Silent Killer”
“Show vs. Tell: Why ‘Visual’ Isn’t an Option”


“Figures: They Speak for Themselves (mildly NSFW)”
“Costumes: The Wearable Dialogue”
“A Pose is Worth a Thousand Bio Pages”
“Drawing Hands: Augmenting an Idea”


“Environments are People Too”
“Primary and Secondary: A Tale of Two Focal Points”
“Advanced Layouts: Paneling Outside the Box”